Kickin' Chicken 6.0 oz


The Kickin' Chicken is a fan favorite amongst shoppers and consumers alike!  The 100% natural chicken breasts, are each hand cut and trimmed of all skin and fat before hitting the cooker.  As one would say, "slow is better", which is exactly what we do at Tampa's Best.  Each crunchy chicken piece is hand inspected and packaged with love.  Many customers agree that when they open their bag, the aroma reminds them of grandma's fried chicken.  The tasters would compare our strips to a flavorful piece of crispy chicken skin!  We are often reminded that we should have named these the "Picky Dog Treat", because even the most refined pallets give these a "TWO PAWS UP!". 

No preservatives, additives, fillers or binders, just 100% white chicken breast meat. 

Made and sourced in the USA.